Our logo and colours – how were they born?

The researchers who conducted the “Impact of color on marketing” study established that up to 90% of quick judgments concerning products are made solely due to colour. And it is a well-known fact that people see colour before they begin to acquire any other information. Colour psychology is an independent science. Which brings us to the question of how important it is to stand out and how to do it.

Colour psychology establishes that every colour has a certain meaning of emotions, attitudes and values. Knowing these meanings makes it possible to successfully convey desired emotions and messages by merely choosing the right colour.

Red: excitement, energy, passion, bold. Is popular in the following fields: food, technology, cars.


Orange: cheerful, friendly, confident, youthful. Is popular in the following fields: health, technology.


Yellow: warm, optimism, energy, happy, light. Is popular in the following fields: food.


Green: calm, healthy, growth, environment, balance. Is popular in the following fields: food, finance, energy, household products.


Blue: trust, strength, calm, stable, smart. Is popular in the following fields: technology.


Purple: creative, smart, regal, mysterious, luxurious. Is popular in the following fields: technology, health, financial services.


Black: prestigious, valuable, timeless. Is popular in the following fields: cars, fashion.


Colour cognition is also very personal and each person’s own associations with a certain colour may result in quite different feelings. We all remember the red markings on our writings left by our teachers. Cultural differences have to be taken into accounts as well. For instance, in the case of our partner China, red is a lucky colour which keeps away evil, whereas white is the colour of death and funerals.

But if there is only a limited number of primary colours and we know, for example, that there are numerous companies in Estonia that use orange as their main colour, then how important is it to stand out? I find it important to be distinct and different, but to do it in an authentic manner and while remaining true to one’s roots. Distinguish yourself with your story, your mission and the way your company works as a whole. And let your colours tell that story for you.

How did we find our colours and logo in the process of creating the Omniva brand?

Our brand name Omniva comes from the Latin word omni, meaning everything, all and every. Our aim is to express our capability of providing all-in-one solutions to our clients and being the mediator between the digital and physical world with our network of channels. Our logo is the circle symbol derived from the first letter of our name and it symbolises eternal movement.

The circle also symbolises the universe and all opportunities. The eternal circle, the beginning and end all at once. Our objective is to keep things moving as well. At the same time, the circle is also a closed symbol. However, we are able to put together different routes for transferring information and transporting goods. This is exactly what our logo solution symbolises, as it represents a circle that has been disassembled into different parts and then combined into a new whole. We use these pieces to put together a suitable solution for each specific client. Our circle consists of multicoloured sectors and each colour in this circle has a specific meaning.


First of all, our circle exhibits the colour orange. It is the colour of Eesti Post and thus carries our history, of which we are very proud. Orange represents our wisdom and experience that goes back a century. Next to the already familiar orange tone is a slightly brighter orange sector, which is like a younger relative of the former. The brighter orange represents our freshness and youth. We also need strength and energy in order to be a strong and growing company. This is exactly what the red colour symbolises in our logo. The pink tone, which is actually called Ruby Red, is one the newest tones in the colour range and symbolises innovation. We here at Omniva are constantly developing and growing, but at the same time, we know our strengths and history, which has taught and guided us thus far. And this is how we conclude our brand’s promise: we deliver happiness. We try our hardest every day to bring happiness to all of our clients, employees as well the society.

The most important thing is to think about the story of your brand. Why are you here and what feelings do you wish to bestow on your clients? And how to offer a comprehensive client experience which distinguishes you from competitors? Colours come into play after all of this has been established and can be used as a means to achieve it. Aside from colours, the language of images, graphic design and the tonality of the brand have a significant influence as well, as these elements are just as important and must also wholly support your brand’s promise. And lastly, it should be pointed out that the people of your company are the ambassadors of your brand!

Wishing you a colourful summer!