How did an Estonian online store ensure a problem-free delivery service?

The Weekend online store was able to ensure a significantly faster and more reliable delivery service by means of swift solutions. Take a closer look at how the quality of supply of goods was substantially improved in the cooperation of Omniva and an online store.

Fairly recently, Weekend – a chain of stores operating all over the Baltics – was in trouble with shipping its online store orders. Shipments often faced issues and tended to reach customers with a delay of a day or even several days at times. It turned out that the reason was simple – substandard packaging.

The specialists of the Omniva Logistics Centre were able to identify the parcel problems quickly. It appeared as if the shipments had been packed according to standard, but there were nevertheless issues upon automatic shipment data identification and sorting.

The actual cause of the problem was very simple. Since a stretch film was also wrapped around the cardboard parcel sent to the parcel machine and it was not wrapped tightly around the box, automatic measuring detected that the box would not fit inside the parcel machine slot. In reality, the protruding film does not interfere with storage in the parcel machine. Nevertheless, it meant a lot of manual work for the Logistics Centre.


According to Artur Parv, the Head of the Omniva Logistics Centre, the tiniest of mistakes can make parcel sorting a substantially harder job. “Let us consider a very simple example where the address label with the barcode has been glued over the edge of the parcel or on the opening of the box. As the barcode is no longer on a level surface and automatically readable, every parcel like this requires extra manual work from us,” Parv explained.

In order to find a swift solution to the problem, the Omniva Sales Manager contacted Weekend directly and explained how the peculiarity in packaging is causing problems in sorting. The online store was willing to respond to suggestions and adjusted the packaging of its products, resulting in immediately improving the situation and reducing delays.

However, the well-organised cooperation did not stop at this point. The Logistics Centre continued to provide feedback after the first adjustments in packaging. This also eliminated typical errors that are not regularly identified.


Most importantly, though, as a result of the excellent cooperation, Weekend gained a better delivery service and Omniva gained a client whose packaging is at a brilliant standard. According to Taavi Laeks, CEO of Weekend, the prompt solutions ensured fixing the most important problems. “We are happy that our parcels reach the customers on time,” said Laeks.

If you’re not sure about the package that would ensure the most reliable and secure delivery, please seek for advice HERE or contact your account manager. Together, we are able to create an even better parcel service.