Eesti Post allows companies to use the backdoors of their vans as tax-free advertising boards. We entered the market of outdoor advertising in summer and one of the first clients was Proscreen OÜ, which used this solution to make their company more visible and better known. Take a look at the video.

“We have been active in the Estonian market for over 10 years, offering audio and video solutions for meeting rooms and conferences to approximately 400 clients,” said Head of Proscreen OÜ Raido Reilson, introducing the company. According to the head of the company, until now, they had opted for various advertising campaigns online and in print media, but they wanted to test outdoor media as well.

Why did they decide to use Eesti Post vans?

“This seemed like an innovative solution to achieve visibility in outdoor media. We mainly aim to be more visible in urban areas and around towns, both in Tallinn and Tartu, because not everyone uses the Internet,” Reilson said. Eesti Post vans stand out among other outdoor media surfaces thanks to the fact that they are in constant motion. Thus, the advertisement has a wider reach in various districts and is visible to a large number of people. Compared with, for example, public transportation that moves around only downtown, the post vans also go to the settlements and villages surrounding cities.

According to Reilson, the entire advertising process is made very convenient and the company was happy with it: “We submitted a request and the design of the label, which was then produced and applied to the vans, and that was it,” said Reilson, describing the experience.

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