Eesti Post selected the advertisement from Estonia’s largest and oldest retail group Coop as the best direct mail item of January.

According to Eesti Post advertising service department manager Liisa Järsk, Coop won thanks to their familiar visual language that kindles trust in Estonian consumers and conveys the quality of local products. “Fresh food pictures and minimalist design solutions characteristic of Coop are tightly connected with the company’s general image, and they spark positive emotions in consumers,” Järsk explained. “It is worth mentioning that this was not the first direct mail item of the month victory for Coop. In Spring of last year, the company stood out by boosting the popularity of e-commerce using direct mail to take the message of eCoop service updates and convenient services to those who do not follow digital channels daily, and boosting e-commerce as a result” Järsk said.

According to Coop Estonia marketing manager Kaili Kahl, all direct mail designs were made in-house. When commenting on the efficiency of the client newsletter, Kahl explained that the client newsletters are a part of campaign communication. “We assess the results and efficiency of our campaigns as a whole,” Kahl said.

The aim of voting on the best direct mail of the month is to recognise the company and the team who create them. Eesti Post bases the assessment on outstanding design, distinct message and suitability of the solution for direct mail.

71 clients used direct mail in January, sending out 175 different direct mail items.