Omniva is preparing for the Christmas season with faster deliveries and an expanding network of parcel machines

The parcel volumes passing through Omniva show that the peak season for ordering parcels is here. Evert Rööpson, Head of Operations of Omniva, explains how the company is preparing for the next parcel volume record.  

In addition to the planned seasonal and temporary workers, Omniva is reorganising its traditional parcel delivery for the Christmas season to better meet growing volumes. ‘We have already started filling parcels in the most popular locations several times a day and, if necessary, on Sundays. This means that in the last months of the year, we move parcels seven days a week and essentially 24 hours a day,’ said Rööpson. Omniva has an ambitious Christmas promise this year: all parcel machine shipments will reach the recipient in one day and courier shipments in two days. Shipments placed in the parcel machine on 22 December will arrive at the destination parcel machine no later than on 23 December. On 23 December, we will fill the machines until the last parcel is stored in a locker. 

Breaking records 

While the number of parcels has traditionally grown by 20–30% per year, in recent years, this increase has been even greater due to the coronavirus pandemic. We can expect a similar growth rate in the coming years. Last year, the Christmas season broke the record volume, which in turn was broken again this spring when, in the light of the COVID-19 restrictions, shops and shopping centres were closed again. According to Rööpson, thanks to thorough planning and additional measures, Omniva survived these periods without major delays.  

This year, Omniva is preparing for Christmas with an expanded parcel machine network. ‘There are no plans to rest on our laurels and in December, we will add new locations and expand the existing parcel machines. We are doing all of this in order to be better prepared for the new parcel volume record,’ Rööpson explained. At the moment, the delivery of parcels is going smoothly and without delay – the majority of shipments within Estonia reach the recipient by the next day. 

Several parcels in one locket – convenient and efficient! 

In order to increase the convenience of the customer service, Omniva deployed a new solution in the Baltic states which enables to use one locker to store several different parcels ordered by the same individual. Customers who order more often benefit most from the solution: as a result of the upgrade, the customer can conveniently receive several parcels at once without prolonging the delivery time. The new solutions will be used when a parcel arrives for a customer while there is still a previous parcel waiting for them in the parcel terminal. If possible, the new parcel will be stored in the same locker with the previous one and the same locker code will be used. Upon submitting the code, the parcel machine will notify the customer that there are several parcels in the same locker. More efficient use of parcel machines allows Omniva to deliver parcels faster, which is especially important during the busy Christmas season.   

Advantages of Omniva parcel machines 

The parcel machines of Omniva are accessible regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Furthermore, they are located outdoors where there are fewer people around and the risk of infection is lower. The touch screens of the parcel machines are cleaned regularly, but the machine can also be used without physical contact: the screens of the parcel terminals also work with gloved hands, and contactless payments are available in all parcel terminals.