Finding the perfect present is always a real challenge, be it a close friend or a respected partner. For business gifts, it is important that they are memorable and practical so the person would actually use them. A calendar is a practical and affordable business gift that will be used all year round.

How to turn these office supplies into unique gifts?

Remember that your partner will be the one to use your calendar. Think about what you would like to tell them and how. A good calendar is convenient to use and pleasing to look at. You will need more than just a logo or an image of your headquarters. Think about what your partner would like to look at for the next 12 months.

You can use the design of the calendar to make your customer think about you on a daily basis. Use interesting pieces of information about the activities of your company and illustrate them with eye-catching infographics. If the company has a long and dignified history, highlight it with photos and archive materials.

  1. Introduce your products or services. You can even add campaign information or promotional codes.

2. If the activities of the company are seasonal, it is worth including in the calendar when it is the right time for the customer to make inquiries and preparations.

3. Add information about other online information channels of the company to the calendar. Cover the topics mentioned in the calendar in other channels throughout the year as well.

4. The most important thing is that the calendar is convenient and easy to use. As with other office supplies, remember that an inconvenient tool creates negative emotions in the user that no one wants to associate with their brand.

5. Once the memorable gift is ready, you need to think about delivering it to your partner.

During the main season of sending calendars, i.e. December and January, Omniva delivers large calendars directly to the office of your partner, and if it is closed due to the holidays or other reasons, smaller or regular calendars can be left in their mailbox. Omniva is happy to help you pack, address, and deliver the calendars to your partners. Read more at