Omniva parcel machines added to the e-shop delivery options of Kaubamaja

Omniva has started cooperating with Kaubamaja and to the delight of all e-shoppers, everyone can now choose an Omniva parcel machine when ordering from the e-shop of Kaubamaja.

Kristo Kõivumägi, Head of Omniva’s business segment, said that Omniva and Kaubamaja had planned the cooperation for a long time and that making it happen is an important sign of the high quality of Omniva’s services and trust in the company’s strengths. ‘Omniva parcel machines are now available to all Kaubamaja customers. The start has gone smoothly and the number of customers choosing Omniva parcel machines is growing steadily,’ Kõivumägi said. ‘Our advantage in Estonia is the largest network of parcel machines and the ability to deliver domestic parcels within 24 hours. You can get the product you ordered at a time that suits you because our outdoor parcel machines are accessible around the clock.’

According to Lenno Vaitovski, Head of E-Commerce at Kaubamaja, the company tries to choose the right delivery partners so that each customer could find the most convenient delivery method. ‘When ordering goods from an e-shop, each person has their own expectations for the delivery of the goods – be it speed, transport to their home, or perhaps they like to pick up the parcel from a parcel machine on their daily route,’ Vaitovski described the expectations of the customers of Kaubamaja. From the company’s point of view, the most important aspect of a delivery partnership is the reliability of the service. ‘We need to be sure that when we deliver the parcel, it will arrive on time. For the customer, it is a parcel ordered from Kaubamaja, regardless of the delivery method chosen,’ said Vaitovski.

Including Omniva parcel machines in the delivery options has made the product range of Kaubamaja accessible to new customer segments thanks to the wide network of Omniva parcel machines. Vaitovski said that customers have shown lot of interest in Omniva parcel machines – for example, also during the summer when people spend more time in their country homes, as Omniva parcel machines are located conveniently close to people’s homes in many smaller settlements.