Omniva will now deliver parcels ordered from online stores to Vormsi

The inhabitants of Vormsi can now order online store parcels to the island, because Omniva was the first to open a virtual parcel delivery service to receive shipments. It is no longer necessary to travel to the mainland for parcels and the smart parcel service will be available to all islanders from 30 March.

It is incredibly easy to order parcels to Vormsi and receive them: when placing an order in an online store, you must simply choose the Vormsi delivery point from the list of parcel machines, Omniva will deliver the parcels, and the courier will hand over the shipment. The price of the Vormsi parcel delivery is the same as that of the Omniva parcel machine service in the selected online store.

Parcels can be ordered according to measurements. Minimum measurements and weight: height 14 cm, width 9 cm, height/thickness 1 cm, real weight at least 50g. Maximum measurements and weight: height 64 cm, width 38 cm, height 39 cm, real weight must not exceed 30 kg.

Step-by-step information on Omniva’s parcel delivery:

  1. Add the desired products to the online store’s shopping cart
  2. In the shopping cart, select the Omniva parcel machine for delivery
  3. Find the Vormsi parcel delivery from the list of parcel machines
  4. When the parcel has reached Vormsi, the courier will contact you by phone
  5. The courier will deliver the package within the agreed-upon timeslot.

If needed, the shipments can be returned on the island. To return a shipment, call the courier – returning is free if the nearest post office is further than 5 km. To call a courier, call +372 661 6616 or fill out the virtual form or send an email to It is also possible to return shipments at the Vormsi post office with the help of the local customer service.

Detailed information on the virtual parcel service can be found on Omniva’s website Vormsi parcel delivery » PARCEL » PRIVATE » Omniva