This month’s best direct mail offered a year’s worth of fried chicken

With March’s best direct mail, KFC invited the residents of Jõhvi and of nearby areas to the opening of the new local restaurant. To appeal to the community, they used an attractive offer and a visual that no one can be indifferent to.

According to Omniva’s Advertising Service Manager Kristi Purge, the flyer caught the eye of the direct mail panel for its design and the offer. ‘Pictures of mouth-watering food always speak to the viewer and if it includes the offer with the possibility to win free chicken for a year, it will certainly catch one’s eye in the mailbox,’ said Purge. In addition, the panel noted that this is a well-thought-out execution by KFC, as the target group were addressed in Estonian as well as Russian.

KFC’s Marketing Manager Anett Kutti said that the goal of this piece of direct mail was to introduce the contents of the opening campaign of KFC in Jõhvi to the local community. According to Kutti, the campaign message ‘Win free chicken for a year’ was selected because it seemed unique enough to catch people’s attention. ‘We added a clear appeal to the inhabitants of Jõhvi and nearby areas on the flyer – that they are invited to try our famous fried chicken,’ Kutti explained the background of the idea for the direct mail and added that the same design was used for other channels to maintain a uniform style – a clear message and a clean visual with an appetising bucket of chicken.

With the month’s best direct mail award, Omniva acknowledges KFC and their partners from the agency Sweep, who were responsible for creating the design.  The evaluation was based on effective design, an eye-catching message, and the solution’s compatibility with the advertising format. In March, 90 customers used the direct mail channel, who sent out 226 different direct mail materials.