What are the best advertising channels to use for summer campaigns?

The beautiful spring weather has already coaxed the first avid green fingers to their summer homes. However, the ‘back to nature’ trend is only gaining momentum at the moment. Inevitably, this makes marketers ponder on how to reach potential clients in their gardens and barbecue corners or at the beach. If anything is certain, it is that today, few dare to take a single step without having their phone securely in hand or in their pocket. In this instance, therefore, digital channels are a sure-fire and widely exploited option that delivers your messages, whatever the weather may be. Direct mail is a great way to embed digitally campaigned offers in physical form. You must be thinking how direct mail works in summer when nobody is sitting around at home. Here, it is beneficial to think where the desired target group spends their valuable time in summer. Direct mail enables to target known holidaying areas and faraway villages where people have purchased country houses, and if it is done in a memorable and thought-out way, success will be certain.

Take the message to the people! Home and garden shops, for example, have the opportunity to create a seasonal campaign post in an area located far from the store so that holidaymakers could conveniently order everything necessary for their summer home with the aid of parcel machines and couriers. This way, the customer does not have to undertake a lengthy car drive and can comfortably enjoy everything that summer has to offer. We also recommend trying out planning direct distribution to seasonally popular places – this way, the message reaches people at the right time and has a more personal effect. Also, by planning for the campaign in this thought-out way, you can save on direct mail production costs and preserve the environment.

Surprise and be memorable with special solutions. Direct mail provides the opportunity of sharing with the customer the aspects of the product that might remain distant through other channels. For example, if sun care products are available in an online store for beauty products, why not send samples with the campaign’s direct mail to holiday locations in coastal areas where people go to enjoy the beach? The target group will develop a positive emotion as well as a personal experience with the offered product, which will be vividly remembered when planning the next purchase. Certainly, every company can find something necessary and small in its product range that could delight the recipient – it only needs to fit in the mailbox slot.

Activate your target group. Summer is a time for discoveries and adventure – people move around and are open to new experiences. This means that it might be an especially fruitful campaign period for companies offering different services, but this also means fiercer competition. Stand out and be memorable with direct mail, and you can use various discount keywords or QR codes to measure its productivity. If the company’s endeavours are seasonal, direct mail is a great opportunity to find employees in the surrounding area.

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