The month’s best direct mail called on the residents of a rural municipality to compost

This past May was Environment Month. In relation to this, the Kadrina Rural Municipality Government caught the panel’s eye by directing attention to the initiative, the aim of which is to inform their community and residents of the rural municipality about composting.

According to the Kadrina Rural Municipality Government, the need for compiling informative materials arose due to the application submitted within the framework of the circular economy programme to the Environmental Investment Centre, supporting the purchase of household composters and containers for the separate collection of bio-waste in households. ‘As the distribution took place only recently and the residents have not yet received their composters, their feedback will start to be received during use. In addition to informative materials, an online composting training will take place, which will help to hone practical skills,’ says Gethe Rohumägi, Media Specialist at the Kadrina Rural Municipality Government.

The project is financed from the funds of the international climate cooperation – the project also supports the design, printing, distribution, and the online training of composting information material. The design and format of the informative material of the Kadrina Rural Municipality Government was created in collaboration with Ingver Marketing OÜ. ‘The direct mail channel is a great shortcut to the reader – if the information is interesting, it does not end up in the bin – instead, it finds application and the information obtained will be used. The locals find it a great guide,’ Rohumägi states.

Speaking about the winner, Omniva’s Advertising Service Manager Kristi Purge pointed out that although it is not the Rural Municipality Government’s original initiative, the successful wordplay catches one’s eye with its aptness. ‘It is a pleasure to see that the rural municipality took this issue to heart. It was also a case of good timing, as the thematic environment month was celebrated in May, which gave another layer of importance to the rural municipality’s activities,’ says Purge.

With the month’s best direct mail award, we acknowledge the Kadrina Rural Municipality Government and their partners who were responsible for creating the design and message. The basis for evaluation was the direct mail’s impressive design, eye-catching message, and the solution’s suitability to the advertising format. In May, 84 customers used direct mail, posting 255 different direct mail materials.