Tips to ensure your direct mail is successful

Direct mail is a good marketing method that allows you to stand out among your competitors. Direct mail aimed at a specific target group is more effective than, for example, traditional emails. We should not assume that everyone uses digital media these days. Direct mail can be an exciting and distinctive alternative that is guaranteed to reach the desired target group.

For your direct mail to fulfil its purpose most successfully, the main things you should focus on are efficiency, reaching the target group, and measurability. Direct mail allows you to target a specific area and recipients with specific criteria. This means that the first thing you need to do is think about the target group you want to reach with your message. In order to assess whether and to what extent direct mail has fulfilled your marketing objective, you need to establish specific metrics. QR codes, discount codes, and coupons on physical material complement online advertisements very well and make the effectiveness of direct mail more measurable.

Make the shipment itself an advertising medium. Include product samples or something else that would pique the interest of the reader. Almost anything that fits in a mailbox can be included in direct mail. For most people, a sheet of paper is not enough to make them want to buy whatever you are selling. They want to actually see and feel the product. Consumers base their decisions on their emotions. If the emotion that the direct mail evokes is special, the sender of the direct mail also leaves a better impression on the recipient, meaning that they are more likely to search for additional information.

Focus on the visuals. We have all seen flyers and leaflets hundreds of times so you will need to think outside the box to stand out. You can, for example, use unique paper textures, a special-shaped card, a gift, a personalised magazine, or a foldable puzzle. When it comes to grabbing the attention of your target group, the sky is the limit!

Pay attention to the other senses as well. Everyone knows that the visual aspect is an important one, so all of your competitors will be paying attention to it. However, you can also focus on smell and hearing to make your direct mail more successful. Unique solutions get a more positive reaction and are more memorable.

Keep your message and visuals clean and simple. This way, you can make sure that the consumers understand your message and know what product or service you are selling. Avoid excessive noise in both messaging and visuals and focus on what is the most important. Creative special solutions are purposeful only if they are well thought out and add something to your message.

Direct mail as a medium has one of the broadest areas of coverage. There are over 500,000 mailboxes in Estonia, and each mailbox reaches an average of 2 people. If you know your customer profile, direct mail allows you to successfully target your materials. Over the years, we have seen many products and services gain popularity thanks to direct mail. Make sure your marketing message reaches the right target group!

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