New software in omniva parcel machines – see what’s new

At the end of October, all Omniva parcel machines were transferred to our own software developed in Estonia. Thus, the parcel machine screen may have a new look. Thanks to the new software, the procedures at the parcel machine are much smoother for the client. The major changes are as follows.

Parcels can be returned to any Omniva parcel machine

Previously, a parcel ordered from an e-shop could only be returned to the same machine from which it was retrieved, but now you can return the parcel to any Omniva parcel machine.

Receipt by e-mail

When paying by bank card, you can either print the receipt or, as a new option, send it conveniently to your e-mail. For this, enter your e-mail on screen.

Label printing

From 13 November, all parcel machines also print labels (if you have not printed the label at home and put it on the parcel). However, just to be on the safe side, write the telephone numbers of the sender and addressee on the parcel anyway – that way, if the label should somehow disappear, we can still identify the addressee by telephone number.

Storage locker function

If the parcel destination is the same parcel machine from where it is shipped, the courier does not need to bring the parcel to the sorting centre and the addressee will receive the SMS immediately and can pick up the parcel. This way, a parcel can be handed over in just minutes (if you are sending it to the same machine from which you are shipping it).

This solution can also be used as storage option – send the parcel to yourself to the same parcel machine and store your bag, for instance, if you want to take a walk without your luggage. Or if you need to leave your apartment keys for your friend but you cannot meet each other physically. A convenient and flexible solution!

With this software upgrade, many smaller details were also made more convenient for the user. For example, with the new software, the nearest available locker to the screen opens automatically when sending a parcel so the client has to take less physical steps. Send a parcel and give the upgraded parcel machines a try! Use the discount code MINUOMNIVA when preparing the parcel in the self-service environment and send parcels with a 15% discount until the end of November.